My car is now five years old, and the original 185/55R15 Hankooks' threads are at 50%. I thought I'd have them replaced before wintertime, since their lifetime period is ended, but now I think I'll keep them a little longer (lol), since I don't feel like spending that money. » 10/25/14 7:56pm 17 minutes ago

Wow!.. 88,000 miles equals 141,622 kilometers (easier for me). In 12 years that makes 11,800 km per year and considering the 250 working days per year, it means an average 50 km per day. I hope the nice old lady is now happily retired. And she must have worked in Heaven, since after all those kilometers in winter and… » 10/25/14 5:11pm Today 5:11pm

I never understood this trend of the "winter beater"... here in Europe we mostly own one car per person, use it during both summer and winter, keep it for some years (I keep them for 10 years at least) and then sell it and buy a new one. Must be another of those American follies... » 10/25/14 4:11pm Today 4:11pm