These YouTube clips are mute. I almost got a stroke, because I wasn't hearing any sound from them and I had to search for the Wagner Walkürenritt clip, to get confirmation that my Flash Player was still well working... » 11/20/14 4:24pm Thursday 4:24pm

Last week I decided to replace my tires with some All Seasons M+S in the original 185/55 R15 dimensions. Too bad that to keep them all the year long as I intended to do, they should have had the same (or higher) load/speed feature: 82V... otherwise, it's a €1,500 fine. No renowned maker is selling them in Italy...… » 11/18/14 6:14pm Tuesday 6:14pm

Sure these are some fine cars! The only detail I do not like at all, is the way Mercedes added the LCD multimedial screen to their dashboards! To me they just remind of some cheap aftermarket GPS, installed by a 16 y.o... And that idea must have popped in some gonzo's head as well, since the last spring my boss had… » 11/14/14 4:28pm 11/14/14 4:28pm

"Powered by" is not only used for cars but also for web sites, with reference to the software they're running on or the web company that's managing them. But this is adult talk and you are a kindergartner, so what's the point in talking to you? » 11/13/14 6:59pm 11/13/14 6:59pm

Just for you to know that I've never been so happy, since when Crown Victor Traffic Cone put me on hold for one week, and then "forgot" to enable me again. Just for you to know what kind of asshats your colleagues mods can be. I just hope someone will pour syrup over something or someone they deeply respect, just… » 11/13/14 6:10pm 11/13/14 6:10pm